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Rapper KYLE has been climbing charts and warming hearts ever since his hit song “iSpy,” made it big. But KYLE has been in the business for a lot longer than most of us may realize. Born May 18, 1993, KYLE grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles in… Read More
The final headliners are here for the 2017 Common Ground Music Festival and they are Shinedown and LiVE on Saturday, July 8th.   American rock band Shinedown have built their name on rock songs both brutal in power and epic in scope. Now, with… Read More
Alessia Cara, a young face in music who is making a big impression. This 20 year old pop sensation is a Canada native from Brampton, Ontario. She started her musical career out early with the guitar at age 10, and by 13 she was posting countless beau… Read More
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