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Lansing, Michigan – Added to the already impressive rap lineup on Saturday, July 11th is American rapper Wale. Washington D.C. native, Wale, rose to prominence in 2006 when producer Mark Ronson discovered the rapper and signed him to Allido Records… Read More
Lansing, Michigan – Hot off the release of his latest album Bush, Snoop Dogg is headed to Lansing on Saturday, July 11th. Multi-platinum artist, actor and entertainment icon Snoop Dogg is at the forefront of popular culture with award-winning album… Read More
Lansing, Michigan– Friday, July 10th brings a whole new round of rock music to the Common Ground Music Festival featuring Three Days Grace, P.O.D., and Finger Eleven. Canadian natives, Three Days Grace, will be headlining the festival on Friday, Ju… Read More
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