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Feature Friday: AJR Brothers

The AJR Brothers, a creative trio quickly gaining fame in the indie pop scene. The three boys, Adam, Jack and Ryan Met are brothers from New York City who write, produce and mix all of their own catchy tunes from the comfort of their downtown apartment. The Met brothers began their career by performing covers from artists such as The Beach Boys and Kanye West in Central Park and Washington Square. Before long the boys realized their talent exceeded just performing music, so they began to compose it too. They established an unique electro-indie-pop style and by 2013 they were ready to share with the public. In spring 2013 the boys tweeted a link to their first song release, “I’m Ready,” and sent it out to over 80 celebrities. Australian singer Sia Furler heard the song and passed the message along to her manager, who was just as impressed. He contacted Steve Greenberg, CEO of S-Curve Records and shortly after AJR hired Greenberg as their co-manager. “I’m Ready” was released commercially in August of 2013, with an official music video following in October. The song, featuring a sample of SpongeBob SquarePants singing the words “I’m ready,” over and over again, was quickly put in regular rotation on Sirius XM’s Top 20 on 20 and Hits 1 station. The brothers were also given the opportunity to perform the song on both Good Day New York and VH1’s Big Morning Buzz. The AJR Brothers then released a debut EP in December that same year, allowing them to earn the title of iHeartRadio’s Artist of the Month for top 40 by 2014. “I’m Ready” made a #1 spot in Next Big Sound’s chart in May 2014 and made Top 10 on TeenNick, it was also performed by the band on The Today Show in July. The song has since been certified Platinum in Australia and Gold in the U.S. The band released their second EP in September 2014 containing 5 tracks, which featured the lead single “Infinity.” By March 2015 they were ready to release their debut album “Living Room” and two years later their third EP “What Everyones Thinking” including the song “I’m Not Famous” and the lead single “Weak.” “Weak,” a song about balance and temptations, made it to the top 100 in many countries outside of the U.S. and has over 4 million streams on youtube. The AJR Brothers are still making music and plan to have new stuff for their fans in the future. Each brother is very musically talented, all of them singing and playing various instruments such as the bass guitar, guitar, trumpet, percussion and many more. Ryan does most of the producing for the band and like his youngest brother Jack, is attending Columbia University and majoring in film. Adam, the oldest brother, already graduated from Columbia and is now studying constitutional law at New York University. Even with their busy schedules the boys make time to perform for their fans and will be playing at The Common Ground Music Festival on Thursday, July 6  along with similar pop artists Phoebe Ryan and Alessia Cara and Hip Hop artist KYLE.
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